The Best Trigger Point Massage Service in Dubai


Muscles can develop trigger points, also known as knots, which are unpleasant, painful areas. When pressure is applied, these sensitive knots cause discomfort in a separate area of your body. The pain caused by the knots can be reduced with the help of a trigger point massage.

How does trigger point massage work?
Trigger point therapy’s objective is to release or soften a muscle knot in an effort to decrease (or totally eliminate) the pain associated with the knot and any associated suffering. The knots are loosened by exerting different pressures on the tightened muscles, followed by a full range of motion stretch.

Although the “map” of muscle triggers points and related pain is intricate, relaxing the trigger points is a straightforward operation.

What to expect after your trigger point massage
your massage therapist concentrates on massaging and pressing your muscular knots during this form of therapy. Throughout the massage, discomfort and alleviation are possible. You can have fatigue and pain for a day or two following your massage. On the other hand, numerous research conducted by trigger point therapists indicates that some people feel more energized following a trigger point massage.

How to avoid a pain in trigger points

We can give you a Trigger Point Massage if you require one. However, we also want to assist you in preventing muscle knot pain in the first place!

3 ways to keep muscle knots at bay:

  1. Move your body regularly to maintain your muscles limber, whether you like strength training or stretching.
  2. Take a break from sitting down – Get up and move around once per hour, even if your job is sedentary.
  3. Schedule a massage once a month. Regular massages can help you unwind, gain more flexibility, and maintain strong muscles.

Knotty muscles and the pain they cause can make it difficult to find the energy you need to live your best life, regardless of how much or how little stress you are putting on your body.

We are able to assist you there.

Give us a call to schedule a trigger point massage and a calming facial if you’d want to assist your sore muscles to release some built-up tension.

Our licensed massage therapists at Divine Luxury Spa in Dubai will calm tense muscles, ease headaches, and relieve tension. Considering using our face services? We know how you feel and appear is reflected in your glowing, healthy skin. The facials at Divine Spa are conducted by licensed estheticians, and we are delighted to provide the best products on the market so you may maintain a glowing complexion between scheduled sessions.

We’ll provide you with affordable help to feel and look your best! Call right away to make an appointment! We also provide Aroma Massage Dubai centers and Moroccan Bath . Please get in touch with us right away.

What does it includes in Best Thai Massage in Dubai


However, if you want to feel more at ease, we may perform the Best Thai massage in Dubai with a little bit of oil. In order to stretch and crack your bones, therapists will man oeuvre you into yoga-like poses using their hands, knees, legs, and feet. The most genuine and top-notch Thai massage in Dubai is offered to you by Divine Luxury Spa, the best spa in all of Dubai.

Ayurveda-assisted yoga poses, and acupressure is all used in this type of massage. It was created in Buddhist monasteries to provide monks with preventative healthcare. The therapist administers muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure while moving you into a sequence of yoga-like stretches on her hands, knees, legs, and feet.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage in Dubai is frequently used to reduce stress and guard against health problems linked to stress. Additionally, it is supposed to increase energy and enhance flexibility and range of motion. Thai massage is also being investigated as a treatment for the following health issues:

• Headaches from tension

• Balance

• A few different types of back pain, usually sub-acute and chronic nonspecific back pain

The receiver is helped to preserve their health and well-being via specialized Thai massage. It is an age-old technique used to treat common illnesses, improve physical performance, and strengthen the physiological system. Additionally, Thai massage supports the body’s immune system by balancing internal life energy.

Traditional Thai Massage

What does it includes

Thai massages typically take 90 minutes and are performed on the floor or on a hard mat. Practitioners use their entire body, including their hands, elbows, feet, and knees, to exert deep pressure on the recipient while standing, kneeling, or walking on them.

As in Swedish Massage they use oil but contrast of Thai massage it doesn’t. The therapist normally starts by having the client lie on their back with their face up while beginning the massage at their feet and working their way up their legs, applying pressure in a rhythmic rocking motion with their palms and thumbs. After that, the client is guided through many stretches that target the lower back, hips, and legs.

Thai massage has been referred to as the lazy man’s yoga because all the receiver needs to do is relax and let the practitioner move their body for them. Your involvement will mostly just be to breathe when instructed to deeper into stretches.

During a session, a skilled therapist will be able to adjust the pressure used in between. Make careful to communicate your preferred level of pressure before your session and speak up if you feel any discomfort. The Best Thai Massage in Dubai is Divine Luxury Spa. By contact us you experience best Spa in Dubai schedule an appointment today.

What does Sports Massage Therapy do for You?


It’s probable that you have thought about whether to fit Sports Massage Therapy into your schedule, whether you are well into your training plan or have just begun. While it is normal to see professional athletes receive sports massages prior to and after competitions, more amateur athletes and people who play sports purely for fun and fitness frequently ignore this.

What is the benefit of Sport Massage Therapy?
A sports massage uses hands-on techniques to modify the musculoskeletal system’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments in order to increase its effectiveness.

Sports massage has been shown to enhance circulation, encourage the evacuation of waste products like lactic acid during high intensity activity and release and reduce muscle tension. It can also assist the body relax. All of this lessens the possibility of muscle injury and promotes recuperation. Sports massage in between workouts is frequently beneficial for people who are prone to overuse problems since it allows the muscles to unwind and heal completely before the next session. Sports massage can aid an athlete in mentally preparing for their activity or competition in addition to its physical advantages.
Who can get the Benefit
everyone and anyone! A sports massage could be beneficial for you whether you are an experienced competitor looking to boost your performance and set a personal best, a newcomer to sports looking to ease your aching muscles, recovering from an injury and eager to get going again, or simply looking to avoid injury after light jogs.

When should I take sports massage therapy?

Although each stage’s focus will differ, sports massage can be beneficial during preparation, training, competition, and recovery.

Routine maintenance massage: A physiotherapist can design a regular massage therapy programmed based on the patient’s level of participation in their sport and the criteria for that sport. It can target any area that is likely to give the person problems or injuries to help in their prevention. It might focus on particular muscle groups to assist maintain or improve flexibility and range of motion.

Massage for a specific event or competition: Massage is utilized for certain objectives both before and after an event. A participant’s warm-up can be supplemented with pre-event massage to increase circulation, ease muscle tension, and aid with mental readiness. Following an event, massage is utilized to speed up the body’s recuperation by easing muscle cramps and metabolic buildup. A competitor can return to training and competition more quickly and lessen the chance of injury by receiving pre- and post-event massage that is effective.

Rehabilitation: Sports massage can help with rehabilitation if you are injured and trying to get back into your sport. It can also hasten recovery and ease pain. Sports massage techniques can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

Sports massage is an excellent strategy to encourage rapid recovery and aid in injury prevention. However, Divine Luxury Spa recommends scheduling an appointment with a Sports massage therapy if you have an injury that prevents you from engaging in the sport you love or if you are having trouble performing at your best because of a number of “niggles”. We also offer Balinese Massage and Deep Tissue Massage .

3 Types of Special Massage Therapy

Special Massage Therapy

You might not be familiar with the varieties of Special Massage Therapy from which you could benefit if you’re new to the world of massage. All professionals employ one of three basic Full Body Massage styles, each of which has a specific purpose.

The Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massages are most popular in a respectable massage parlor nearby. These are the most popular options since they offer a variety of strokes and pressure. Look more attentively at these options and what they have to offer.

Deep Tissue
Since deep tissue massages are so popular among those who require assistance with a bothersome back or neck ailment, you’ve probably heard of them. Because it targets problem regions in the body specifically, this is a fantastic alternative for removing a bothersome knot. Depending on your demands, the therapist will use long, slow strokes with a lot of pressure.

An injury, sprain, or knot is all greatly relieved by this kind of therapy. Although it won’t be as rhythmic and soothing, it will help you get over more intense symptoms. When working on layers of muscle or tissue, your therapist will exert more pressure.

For a deep tissue massage, your therapist might employ a transverse friction technique. For a damaged tendon or ligament, this technique applies oscillating pressure in the direction of the tissue fibers.

For a deep tissue massage, your therapist might employ a transverse friction technique. For a damaged tendon or ligament, this technique applies oscillating pressure in the direction of the tissue fibers.

Sports Massage
A sports massage, which is applied for sports injuries, is comparable to deep tissue massage. This massage can aid in the recovery of sports injuries or muscular strains if you or a member of your family is an athlete. Depending on whether you are receiving a sports massage before, after, or during your sporting events, there are several methods to the strokes utilized in this type of massage.

It’s an excellent way to support athletes’ training. Trigger point therapy, relaxation techniques, and anti-fatigue massage are likely to be employed by your therapist.

Swedish massage
If you’ve lately heard of someone receiving a massage, it was probably a Swedish massage, which is one of the most popular relaxing techniques. This kind is much more rhythmic, and to help your muscles relax, your therapist will use longer, gentler strokes.

He or she will use friction with deep, circular motions, tapping strokes, kneading, petrissage, which is a sort of squeezing or rolling after a gliding stroke.

Depending on the purpose of your appointment, your massage therapist will know the ideal massage technique. Additionally, they can tailor your massage to include a variety of techniques based on your present needs and your body’s reaction. You don’t have the same level of control over the pressure, the method, or the trigger point as a therapist when you try to relax your muscles on your own or with an at-home device. Your therapist has a better chance of determining where the pain is coming from.

Here is a look at the many massage styles, their advantages, and the different massage techniques you can encounter at your next session.

Please get in touch with Divine luxury Spa in Dubai if you want to schedule an appointment or wanted to have a VIP Massage . Whether it’s simply relaxing or calming your body, we’ll do our best to help you achieve any objectives you have for your stay.

All You need to Know about VIP Massage

VIP Massage

As the name suggests, VIP massage is the most advanced type of massage which is made for the person who is willing to get the massage benefits at a Higher level. It is not just a complete massage but also includes some great advantages like relieving completely from the pain that you might be suffering from. There is a special treatment that is being given to you while doing the VIP massage like an extra steam facility along with the betterment of the environment.

Aaj Dubai is a developed city in the globe that consists of so many massage centers and most of them used to provide VIP massage. Especially if you are staying at a 5 to 7-star hotel it will be efficient for you to acquire the VIP massage that can help you with the deep massage accessibility.

Regardless of that, even if you are someone who wants to get massage accessibility outside the new reach out to divine luxury Spa where we offer a professional VIP Massage that can sort out your issues just within a while. So even if you are going through any of the pain we take guarantee of getting it sorted.

VIP Massage

How to get a VIP massage in Dubai?

It’s not a big deal to take a VIP massage in Dubai just because it is the most expensive massage that you are supposed to do. But not every single massage center has the capability of providing VIP massage so you need to be sure of acquiring the services even if you are spending 3X time more money on the massage then you should get maximum output.

There will be several scenarios where the massage will act as a crucial. Most of the VIP massage consists of a couple of packages as well where you can enjoy doing massage along with your partner. The charges might differ from massage center to center so make sure to go through their pricing details while acquiring the VIP massaging Dubai.

How to get a full body massage in Dubai?

So full body massage is always better rather than going with any of the specific muscle massages if you are not suffering through any of the pain. It can relieve various kinds of body parts, muscle and e so if you are an athlete or a regular workout person then you should proceed with a full body massage where you can get relief from the pain.

When we talk about Full Body Massage There are several benefits but the pricing is something that might affect you a lot. So while talking about the full body massage you can always visit the divine luxury spa where we offer multiple massages including the full body massage which begins from just AED 100. Occasionally we offer multiple offers on the massage that you choose, as currently, Ramdhan’s offer is going on so you can take advantage of it.

Full Body Massage

How to Get a Couple’s Massage in Dubai?

Couple Massage

Couple massage is considered to be the fantasies of so many people and especially if you are in Dubai and wanted to do a couple of massages in Dubai then it might be difficult sometimes to find legitimate couple massage centers that can provide you with value for money services. Whereas approximately every Hotel consists of massage centers but when it comes to genuine massage centers there are very few that need to be considered.

I will highly recommend you reach out to the store separately to know more about their offerings in a more proactive manner. It will give you an idea about their effective massage capabilities. Along with that, it is better to reach out to their customers for feedback by taking massages from that specific massage center.

For better convenience, I will recommend you to reach out to our store by the name of divine luxury Spa where you will find multiple massages like Thai Traditional massage, reflex foot massage, Aroma D stress massage, and a lot more. Even if you are having a tight budget we have an offer going on so it will be easier for you to get the benefit at a very affordable range.

How to get a couple of massages in Dubai?

As the name suggests, Couple Massage is something where the couple used to take the massage at a single time. Usually, it lasts for approximately 90 minutes and it is a complete body therapy that is being provided to the customers. You can even customize the massage as per your choice.

But finding a great massage center is essential in Dubai just because there are so many spams happening for the sake of massage services and as the amount that you pay is way more so it’s better to pre-plan the thing while going for the couple massage in Dubai.

How to get a massage near me in Dubai?

No matter what kind of massage you are supposed to get, getting a Massage near Me in Dubai is very essential to save time and effort.

There are so many options nearby your location that you can go through but to get the exact benefit make sure to reach out to one by one store that can give you more knowledge about the massage.


How to find the best body massage service in Dubai?

When we talk about body massage services you will come across the Massage Center in Dubai where they used to offer multiple massage accessibility including couple massage. The complete body massage will give you relief from the pain and stretch your muscles more Proactively.

Thai Massage

Divine Spa used to offer multiple massage accessibilities also Ramadhan’s offer is going on that you can acquire. Where you will find so many different offers on the couple package and Ramadan special package which are the two couple-friendly and money-saving packages that you could consider going with. For more details, you can contact us on the given number.

How to find a Spa near me in Dubai?


Undoubtedly Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the entire world which has a huge
infrastructure benefit and people who live here are about to have a lavish lifestyle. And for
taking care of health massage is something that one needs to consider. And that’s what comes
with the concept of finding the best Spa Near Me in Dubai which might be a big deal for some
In the entire Dubai region, you will find so many different types of spas located at multiple
locations whereas finding the best Spa is very essential. Most of the hotels have their Spa
facility at their Hotel itself so you don’t have to look up another source. Whereas especially if
you are living in Dubai and want to have an external Spa facility then you should reach out to us
We at Divine Luxury Spa used to offer multiple accessibilities related to massage so you can get
all one facility in a single place. We are located at one of the prime locations in Dubai which are
in Jumeirah. For booking details you can always visit the location or book The inquiry online as
well by visiting the website.

How to find the best Spa near me in Dubai?
It’s not a big deal to find the Best Spa In Dubai just because there are so many different Spa
accessibilities available that you can go through. Whereas if you are someone who is looking
forward to having the best Spa accessibility the notification reaches out to multiple spa or
massage centers.
I will recommend you to check out the steam bath as well so that while processing with the
massage you will get to one benefit as the struggle will get decreased.

Spa in Dubai

How to find a Spa in Jumeirah?
It is not a big deal to find the Best Spa In Jumeirah just because there are so many different Spa
centers that you may come across but legitimacy is something that you need to be sure about.
Whereas not every single one of them used to offer you top, not accessibilities. In such
scenarios, it is always better to go through their official website sure that you will get to know
about their offerings.
Also, there must be multiple massage options so that people will get to know more about it.

Spa in Jumeirah

Which is the best spa in Dubai?

When we talk about the best Spa in Dubai there are so many options whereas the best Spa in
Dubai consists of so many accessibilities and types of massage. Also, feedback is very
important while selecting the Spa. Most people use to leave feedback on the official website of
the Spa center.
To know more about the divine luxury Spa you should reach out to our official website and also
can fill up the inquiry form to know more about our services. There is a contact number given
that can help you to reach out to our customer executive that will let you know about the timings
of the office Accordingly you can book a slot.

How to Get a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage

As we all know that health is one of the most important aspects of our daily life and you cannot
compromise with it, that is where the concept of massage comes to the list. Massage is
something that can make your muscles free and get done for you. There are so many different
types of massage that you can proceed with for every single muscle that you have in the body.
The hot stone massage is something that is going trending these days. It is a kind of massage
and alternative medicine that one can use to free the back muscles involving the placement of
stones that are cold and relieve you from the pain. Most people have misconceptions about
taking the hot stone massage whereas it is the perfect choice for the one who is suffering from
back pain issues.
We, the vendors of Divine Spa, used to provide multiple different massage facilities in Dubai. So
even if you are someone who does not know about massage we have the portfolio ready that
you can go through for a better commitment. We have been focusing more on traditional
massage which impacts a lot upon the human body.

All you need to know about hot stone massage?
One of the major benefits of using the Hot Stone Massage is that it relieves your back pain
issues. And especially if you usually do regular workout then it is always better to free the
muscle in a more authentic minor and that’s why the concept of hot-stone massage comes to
the list.

In the hot stone massage, there is a placement of basalt river rocks in the different joints of the
body. Before the use of rocks, one can either keep it cool or hot depending upon the choices but
when it comes to the Hustle massage it needs to be heated at a higher instance to get benefit
out of it

How to get access to Moroccan massage?
As the name suggests the Moroccan Massage is a bath which is also known as a Traditional
massage. And especially if you are someone who is going through body pain then the Moroccan
massage could be the best option which is 100% natural and safe and there is no usage of
additives or machinery.
You can’t reach out to several different massage service providers in the market in Dubai that
can ride you throughout the process of having the massage.

What is foot reflexology?

The pain might be any and especially when it comes to foot pain it needs to be relieved
properly. And insert scenario Foot Reflexology could be the better option that you could consider
doing massage.

Foot Reflexology

You can check out our official website where we used to offer multiple massage patterns that
you can select amongst. Also, there are a lot more other services that we offer consisting of
massage and steam baths. So definitely check them out as well.

How to Find Deep Tissue Massage Dubai?

Balinese massage

Massage plays a crucial role in life as it not only relaxes the body but also serves you
measures that can surely heal body pain just within a while. Most people used to get
confused about selecting the best deep tissue Massage Center In Dubai.
Especially if you’re a newbie then it gets tricky at some point to find the best tissue massage
nearby locations. But going with the Divine Spa could help you to get rid of the pain and
eventually you can book an appointment for a tissue massage in Dubai.
So if you are supposed to no more about deep tissue massage Dubai or Balinese
massage then make sure to stick with the post as we’ll share some useful norms that can
eventually make your journey towards fitness easier.

What is deep tissue massage?
Deep Tissue Massage is one of the most effective massages that not only heals you deeply
of the muscle but along with that connectivity of the tissues are being released.
Our therapist will slowly press the figures along with the skin pressure so that can realize the
muscle pain (if any). This is one of the most effective massages that heals you from certain

Deep Tissue Massage

The divine spa provides 3 different deep tissue massages based upon the timing you choose
i.e. of 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min. To take advantage of it I will highly recommend you to
proceed with our website and fill up the required information as per your choice.

All you need to know about Balinese massage
Just like the deep tissue massage the Balinese Massage is one of the most effective kinds of
Holistic treatment that stretches your muscles more effectively.
Due to this effect massage’s overall stimulation of blood flow increases gives deep relaxation
and calms your muscles.

Which is the best massage center in Dubai?
This might be the most common question appearing in your head just because there are so
many massage centers in Dubai amongst which shortlisting the best one is truly crucial.
We’ve been in the industry for a long time now serving Balinese massage and various other
massage services too at affordable pricing. To crab in your four services or a deep tissue
massage Dubai service then you should visit our official website and grab the one that you
may be looking for.

How to Find a Spa Near Me in Dubai?

Spa in Dubai

Dubai is mainly known for the luxurious facilities that are available over there and if you are
the one who is supposed to get access to the most effective massage then you should have
an eye upon the Divine Spa.
We have a white variety of massages that you can choose from at your convenience. The
divine spa has a facility for home massage, where you can book an appointment and select
the massage pattern you’re supposed to have for the relief of the muscle.
So if you are still worrying about finding a Spa Near Me in Dubai then you should grab our
facility as it’s the most affordable at this instant.


Is it possible to find a Spa near me in Dubai?
It’s not rocket science to find a spa nearby you in Dubai but finding the rights is very crucial
as there are so many spa service providers but very few of them are genuine and legitimate.

Why use a nearby spa in Dubai?
Finding the right spa is very essential, just because people are getting spammed due to
having multiple Spa facilities in Dubai but very few of them used to provide authentic
The therapist of Divine Spa is well established so you don’t have to worry much about the
facilities as it’s top notch.

Which is the Best Spa In Jumeirah?
In Dubai, Jumeirah is one of the most luxurious hotel companies of all time in the entire
UAE. Most of the people used to stay here and the hype of spa is so common here that’ll get
you to consider which one to opt for as per your choice yours.
It is very essential to find the Best Spa In Dubai just because there are competitors available
in the market that are defeating each other in terms of services whereas divine Spa is the
one that used to serve awesome facilities at your doorstep.
No matter if you are a first-time massage taker or a consistent massage sticker as we have
an experienced therapist that will take care of you. To no more about our services, you can
visit our official website and finalize the plan for your next massage therapy.
The pricing of therapy is dependent upon the timing you choose and the type of massage
you choose, so definitely check them out.