Muscles can develop trigger points, also known as knots, which are unpleasant, painful areas. When pressure is applied, these sensitive knots cause discomfort in a separate area of your body. The pain caused by the knots can be reduced with the help of a trigger point massage.

How does trigger point massage work?
Trigger point therapy’s objective is to release or soften a muscle knot in an effort to decrease (or totally eliminate) the pain associated with the knot and any associated suffering. The knots are loosened by exerting different pressures on the tightened muscles, followed by a full range of motion stretch.

Although the “map” of muscle triggers points and related pain is intricate, relaxing the trigger points is a straightforward operation.

What to expect after your trigger point massage
your massage therapist concentrates on massaging and pressing your muscular knots during this form of therapy. Throughout the massage, discomfort and alleviation are possible. You can have fatigue and pain for a day or two following your massage. On the other hand, numerous research conducted by trigger point therapists indicates that some people feel more energized following a trigger point massage.

How to avoid a pain in trigger points

We can give you a Trigger Point Massage if you require one. However, we also want to assist you in preventing muscle knot pain in the first place!

3 ways to keep muscle knots at bay:

  1. Move your body regularly to maintain your muscles limber, whether you like strength training or stretching.
  2. Take a break from sitting down – Get up and move around once per hour, even if your job is sedentary.
  3. Schedule a massage once a month. Regular massages can help you unwind, gain more flexibility, and maintain strong muscles.

Knotty muscles and the pain they cause can make it difficult to find the energy you need to live your best life, regardless of how much or how little stress you are putting on your body.

We are able to assist you there.

Give us a call to schedule a trigger point massage and a calming facial if you’d want to assist your sore muscles to release some built-up tension.

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